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DRAG Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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History of Drag Bicycles

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Drag is a trademark of the Bulgarian company Drag Bicycles, which produces premium bicycles and accessories.


DRAG bicycles became world famous thanks to the winning streak of the women's track cycling team.


The history of the company began in 1989, when the sportsman-cyclist Dragomir Kuzov began to create his own bicycles for recreation and sports.


The central office, or it would be more correct to say - the headquarters, and all production is located in Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.


In addition to its own production department, Drag Bicycles also has a development department, where the process of inventing bicycles actually takes place, as well as a test center where company employees test the products manufactured by the company.

In addition, Drag Bicycles has its own sports team. Despite its young age, DRAG has already been able to win a large number of worthy awards, both in sports competitions and at various international exhibitions; Drag Bicycles also boasts a well-developed international dealer network (over 15 countries).


In 2009, Drag Bicycles, Ltd entered into an agreement with bicycle components manufacturer SunTour and Japanese electronics manufacturer SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. on the joint development and production of electric bicycles.


As a result, DRAG E-Motion was born - an innovative electric bicycle, which brought to the inventor companies the gold medal and the diploma of the LXVI (66th) International Technical Fair 2010 in Plovdiv.