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'10 Avanti Men's Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'10 Avanti Men's Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'10 Avanti Men's Bicycles Owner's Manual
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'10 Avanti Women's Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'10 Avanti Women's Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'10 Avanti Women's Bicycles Owner's Manu
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History of Avanti Bicycles

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The history of the bicycle manufacturer Avanti begins in 1985.


The New Zealand company has announced itself with the introduction of the 10-speed Strada road bike with gold handlebars.


With this model, they conquered cyclists and quickly became popular in their country.


In 1986, triathlon became a very popular sport and the manufacturer provided it with a new model of the Sprint series and again the success and popularity among athletes.


1987 was a significant year for Avanti as this year they launched their first mountain bike, the Kiwi series. Thanks to this model, they were able to break into the Australian bicycle market in 1990.


In the same year, two more bike brands, Avanti Path and Avanti Trail, were launched to expand the market.


In 1992, the previously released Montari became the leader in sales, it was this bike that became the dominant model in the New Zealand Top Town competition.


In 1993, the new Avanti logo appeared in the new catalog. In the catalog you could find many new models, but Tuatara looked the best at that time, and it was not in vain that the manufacturer made a bet on it.


1994 saw the first Shocker full suspension bike.


4 years later, namely in 1998, Avanti releases the first series of Moto downhill bikes and with it conquers not only the Australian market but also the world one.


In 1999, the assembly of Avanti bicycles begins in Italy, starting with the new Cosmic F1 model with a carbon frame.


The company entered the new millennium with a lineup of 27 models of bicycles, a good progress in 15 years.

In 2002, technology came to the fore in the bicycle production process, more and more bicycles were made from carbon fiber and Avanti tried to keep up with the market and released another masterpiece Corsa Carbonio from carbon.


In 2003, the company received the love of pro riders thanks to the Blade model, this series is still popular today.


In 2004 at the Olympic Games in Athens, using bicycles Avanti Hamish Carter and Sarah Ulmer take gold, and Bevan Docherty silver, for the manufacturer this is a very good chance to get more fans on his side.


And it was a success, two years of work were not in vain, and Carbonio and Competitor are becoming the leaders in the sale of carbon bikes.


In 2005, the Ironman skyrocketed with Jason Shortis winning three championships in Florida, Japan and Australia.


2006 and the 20th anniversary of the company decided to celebrate the release of a limited edition Team Carbonio.


The growth of the company did not go unnoticed and Avanti was able to enter the Singapore and China markets. 2008 - "Year of Victories", Hayden Godfrey wins Olympic champion in Beijing at Avanti Pista, New Zealand team takes bronze, Chris Jongerwaard wins Oceania MTB Championships, Australian MTB Championships and Benelux Cup in Belgium.


Two new road bikes, the Quantum and the Cadent, are launched in 2009. In the same year, the Subway-Avanti team took good places in the NZ Elite National Road Championships and Ali Shanks became the world championship champion in Poland in his Pista.


Cameron Brown is the 9th New Zealand Ironman Champion in 2010 with his brand new Avanti Chrono. This is a good bike manufacturer and in its history, a lot of athletes have become champions thanks to their models.


Avanti does not stand still and tries to do better and better by supplying good equipment to the market at reasonable prices.


At the moment, you can find 21 series of bicycles on the market, among them there are children's, mountain, road, city, full-suspension and cross-country models.