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'12 KHS Mocha Latte Folding Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'12 KHS Mocha Latte Folding Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'12 KHS Mocha Latte Folding Bicycles Own
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'15 KHS Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'15 KHS Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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KHS Flite Team Carbon
KHS Sixfifty

History of KHS Bicycles

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The well-known American company KHS Bicycles Inc. was founded in 1974.


Since that time, the company has grown significantly and expanded the boundaries of the supply of its products far beyond the United States - to the markets of more than 30 countries around the world.


The company owns a powerful and impressive production area that exceeds 1 hectare.


The factories of the KHS company develop and produce extensive lines of road bikes, a large assortment of mountain bikes, touring bicycles, as well as comfort bikes: cruisers and tandems.


The brand pays great attention to the market of teenage bikes and produces bicycles of the BMX class under a separate brand Free Agent.


In addition to all this, the company produces a wide range of bike parts and accessories under the Power Tools brand.


Throughout 26 years of rapid development of its difficult history, full of ups and downs, KHS Bicycles Inc has accumulated a very solid experience in the design and manufacture of bicycles and managed to win many awards and titles.

The KHS XC series of hardtails is called the Alite.


It has models for both amateur and serious professional riding and high-level competitions.


These bikes are designed for a wide range of cyclists.


The Team Hardtail is a top model built on a carbon frame with XT class equipment.


The rest of the models have aluminum frames and the hardware is much simpler.


KHS also produces the popular niners today (a racing cross-country full suspension and two hardtail models) with great success.


KHS double suspensions are designed for a wide variety of disciplines, including inexpensive recreational models available to many cyclists.


The Flite line of road bikes boasts a Team racing bollide on a carbon frame, and there are also budget models that are often criticized for using drive elements from Shimano's little-known competitor, Microshift.


Urban is an urban line that, in addition to classic city bikes with planetary hubs, roof racks and fenders, also includes bicycles for adherents of minimalism - extreme track bikes, singlespeeds and fixes.