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Silverback Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Silverback Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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History of Silverback Bicycles

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Silverback bicycles was founded in 2004 by Dion Retif.


Despite being the first to lead such a large company, by 2004 he had 22 years of experience in the cycling industry. The brand's headquarters are located in Stuttgart.


For the first 6 years, the company was focused on conquering the markets of Australia, New Zealand and Africa.


By 2010, Silverback bikes are starting to gain popularity around the world.


By 2014, representative offices of the brand appeared in 54 countries of the world.


Initially, the brand specialized only in bicycles of the middle and budget classes.


Now the Silverback catalog will be interesting not only for beginners and amateurs, but also for professional riders.


The introduction of modern proprietary technologies always helps the brand to stay afloat and attract the attention of customers. Silverback features the following innovations: SBC, ESS, SCD, IDS Revo.

SBC is a whole range of different technologies that are being introduced into the brand's products together with members of the OMX team.


These innovations proved to be excellent at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, as well as in many stages of the UCI World Series. Professional bikes with SBCs will help riders reach the top in the sport.


ESS and IDS Revo technologies are all about bike suspension. These innovations are aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the shock absorbers and eliminating the twisting of the bike on bumps.


Starke City Dynamics is a technology used on city bikes. Thanks to her, the bike can be driven by a person of any height and build.


Bikes with this technology are equipped with an adjustable stem and seat post. Thanks to this, the bike can be easily customized.


In addition, carbon fiber is actively used in the creation of Silverback frames, which is characterized by high strength and low weight, although bicycles with such a frame cost a lot.


It should be noted and the technology of painting frames, thanks to which airbrushing lasts a very long time.