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Montague Biframe Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Montague Biframe Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Montague Biframe Bicycles Owner's Manual
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'21 Montague Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'21 Montague Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'21 Montague Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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History of Montague Folding Bicycles

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David Montague, together with his father, founded MONTAGUE in 1987, which specialized only in the manufacture and design of real folding bicycles, the design of which is based on the new technology (F.I.T. ™) - considered one of the new trends in the next generation in the bicycle industry.


The frame, made with this folding system, makes it easy to transport and store the bike, while being in no way inferior in strength to the frame of any other non-folding bike designed for riding on rough terrain.


The first bike with a folding frame was released by this company in 1988.


Thanks to the small overall dimensions after folding, in 1992 Montague launched a joint project with BMW to create bicycles that, after folding, would easily fit in the trunk.


Then, in 1996, a sports bike was released that could also be folded. It became the Official Cycling Model at the Atlanta Olympics.


Through his innovative ideas and designs, Montague won a two-year D.A.R.PA grant in 1997. (the agency responsible for developing new technologies for use in the military) to supply folding bicycles for the United States Marines.


Then the production of the Paratrooper bicycle, which was designed for the parachute troops, begins. It was light, unobtrusive, mobile enough, hardy, with the ability to cross any terrain.


After that, it became in demand among other types of troops. This bike was made of ultra-light aircraft aluminum alloy, it is light, strong, and most importantly, when folded, it took up very little space.

After landing, skydivers can fold and unfold this model in half a minute without any equipment.


Ultimately, this military bicycle could carry up to two hundred kilograms of cargo, plus it was not possible to detect it by radar and it could quickly deliver the military to their destination.


In 2002, the two firms Montague and General Motors begin a joint project.


They make a bicycle for the HUMMER car and give it the corresponding name. In the world of cyclists, it is called the "off-road vehicle of the cycling world".


In 2007, the SWISSBIKE X-series folding bike was released, which was available to the civilian population and was convenient for traveling around the city.


After a while, a new product from the company appears - a series of bicycles that are ideal for the city and that can also be folded.


The frame of such a city bike, compared to the version for the military, became smaller in diameter and further reduced the weight, and the wheels from the standard twenty-sixth were changed to 700C.


When folded, the bike takes up very little space. It easily fits into the trunk of even a sedan, it can be easily lifted to any floor, and will not take up much space in the house or garage.