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Basso Racing Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Basso Racing Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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The Cicli Basso story is the story of the Italian Basso family with a cycling tradition.


The greatest achievements in cycling were achieved by the elder brother of Marino Basso.


Having started his sports career as an amateur in 1960, he quickly turned professional in 1965, becoming one of the most powerful road bike sprinters in Europe.


As a pro, he raced with greats like Merckx and Gimondi.


During his professional career from 1965 to 1978, the list of victories at international and national starts reached 82, including the stages of the Giro di Italia and the victory at the 1972 World Championship in Gap (France).


Having completed his career as an athlete, Marino Basso joined his brothers, who at that time had already organized the Cicli Basso company.


Thanks to Marino's long experience as a professional rider, the basic concept of the Cicli Basso began to sound like: offering customers a bike that professional riders use.


The middle brother Renato, born in 1947, was a fan of cycling, but unlike his brothers, he did not pursue a sports career.


He graduated from the University of Tübingen in Germany in 1974 with a degree in philosophy and political science, and a postgraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Padua.


He is currently CFO for Cicli Basso and other manufacturing companies in the Vicenza area.

Younger brother Alcid Basso was born in 1954. From his earliest youth, he gained experience in bicycle workshops.


A solid practical foundation is one of its strengths, which continues to this day.


As a teenager, he began working as a mechanic for his brother Alcid's teams, with whom he traveled throughout Europe, preparing bicycles for the classic races in Belgium at the Tour de France, not to mention all the races in Italy.


He has worked on teams such as SalvaraniBianchiMagniflex and Selle Royal-Inoxpran, with champions such as GimondiAdorniMike NeelBertoglio and Battaglin.


At the age of 19, Alcid graduated from a technical school and immediately organized a workshop for the production of bicycle frames in the garage of his parents' house.


In 1976 he opened a retail store, in 1979 he presented his products for the first time at the Milan exhibition, and in December 1981 he opened a factory.


At the same time, Cicli Basso started exporting their products to Germany, primarily thanks to Renato Basso.


From its inception to the present day, Alcid has consistently strived to combine hands-on experience with a bicycle with research into the behavior of materials.


On this issue, he collaborates with engineers at the universities of Padua and Graz (Austria), as well as with local steel companies and testing laboratories.


In an extremely short time, Cicli Basso has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of racing bicycles.