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Panther Bicycles & e-Bikes Owner's Manual PDF
Panther Bicycles & e-Bikes Owner's Manual PDF
Panther Bicycles & e-Bikes Owner's Manua
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History of Panther Bicycles

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The Panther bicycles was founded in 1896.


Then Ernst Kuhlmann founded a bicycle manufacturing company in Magdeburg.


Initially, the company focused only on the German market, but by 1908 most of the world knew about Panther bicycles.


By 1925, the brand began supplying children's bicycles and strollers. After another 8 years, the company began to produce mopeds with motorcycles.


During WWII, like any other plant in Germany, Panther retrained into a military enterprise and produced fighter cabins.


If the plant produced tanks or shells, then it would become the target of British aviation. As a result, during the entire war, the Panther enterprise did not suffer much.


In the post-war period, the brand began supplying bicycles again. They immediately became very popular, since only a few could afford a car, but everyone needed a means of transportation.


The slogan of the company was “Bicycles for the whole family”. The 40s – 50s of the XX century became their finest hour for Panther.

Many professional riders have scored victories in major competitions on Panther bikes.


By the 60s, the automotive industry begins to actively develop. Cars are becoming more affordable for middle-income families.


This period hit many bike brands and forced them to close.


The "automotive" 60s did not bypass Panther, where the crisis began, as a result of which the company merged with another bicycle manufacturer Schminke Fahrradwerke. This is what allowed the Panther to avoid closure.


Today it is one of the largest and oldest brands in Germany.


The headquarters of the company is located in the city of Lohne, in addition to which there are 4 more factories.


The annual production turnover is about 450 thousand units of bicycles per year.


The catalog contains bicycles for every taste, color and wallet. Both budget models for amateurs and beginners are sold, as well as expensive bikes, on which you can safely perform at various competitions.


Depending on the cost, the quality of the attachment and its level will vary.