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Commencal Bicycles User Manual PDF
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Commencal Power Bicycle User Manual PDF
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History of Commencal Bicycles

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Commencal bicycles was founded in 2000 in Andorra.


But what, in fact, is Commencal famous for, in addition to having more than 80 victories at the World Championships and World Cup stages, as well as love and recognition of the best cyclists in the world, as well as ski lovers in various disciplines?


When designing its bicycles, Commencal relies on four main metrics:


- efficiency;

- comfort;

- versatility;

- quality.




Frame quality and suspension performance are key parameters for efficiency.


The quality of the frame is an extremely important indicator that directly influences whether the rider will enjoy the ride or not. Each sport discipline (be it cross-country, downhill, dirt jumping) or even ordinary skiing in the city and the nearest suburb requires an individual approach and specific technical solutions from engineers.


Nec + Ultra Tubing is a technology that incorporates a unique testing, design and alloy selection system that makes each of our frame series uniquely tailored to the rider's needs in terms of weight to frame strength.


The suspension system used on Commencal bikes is called the Contact System. It is based on the use of a single axis of rotation. The position of this axle is calculated by the company's engineers individually for each model, depending on its purpose, weight characteristics, and the center of gravity of the bicycle in order to neutralize the swinging of the suspension that occurs when pedaling.

Moreover, the patented design of the links, together with the shock absorber, provides excellent traction on all types of terrain and under any load, eliminating the shock absorber "punching" when reaching the maximum suspension travel.


At the design stage, one of the key tasks is a clear understanding of the main indicators affecting the suspension performance and the regular collection of data from test samples. To avoid any kind of miscalculation, Commencal turned to a real guru in this matter - BOS Engineering for help.


Their suspension analysis system, developed on the basis of the principles applied by engineers in Formula 1, allowed not only to develop the ideal suspension in terms of reliability and performance, but also to fully analyze the interaction between rider and bike under various loads on any type of terrain.




The company's engineers pay great attention to ensuring that riders get maximum pleasure from riding. This is why Commencal XC frames feature a relatively short top tube, piled-up seat and head tube angles, and a low center of gravity.


All this, on the one hand, makes the ride on the bike more comfortable, on the other hand, it improves the handling and downhill qualities of the bike without compromising its ability to overcome steep climbs.




Commencal has always had a distinct approach to cross-country, all mountain and enduro bikes. It is especially vividly reflected in their slogan dedicated to the presentation of an updated version of the legendary Meta model: "A great enduro bike is not a cross-country bike that behaves well on descents, but a downhill bike that goes uphill well."


The suspension, which does not give even the slightest chance of swaying, but at the same time is responsive and precise, as well as the "obstructed" angles of the head and seat tube make Commencal bicycles real all-rounders that will cope with any obstacle prepared by nature and the rider.