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'14 Mercedes-Benz Bikes Brochure PDF
'14 Mercedes-Benz Bikes Brochure PDF
'14 Mercedes-Benz Bikes Brochure PDF.pdf
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Features of Mercedes Benz Bicycles

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Many people know about this brand as a manufacturer of luxury cars.


Many will be surprised by the fact that this company is also engaged in the supply of bikes. Moreover, their pricing policy is such that bikes can also be classified as elite.


Mercedes bikes visually do not differ much from their competitors - auto concerns that produce bicycles under their own brands. Mercedes - big on alloy wheels.


It is very beautiful and effective. Such discs are perfect for driving on flat roads, but they are unlikely to justify themselves off-road.


Therefore, when driving through forests, mountains and fields on bicycles from Mercedes, you should be extremely careful and careful.


The two main types of Mercedes bikes of this brand are folding city bikes, hard trails.


Do not forget about one model for children is great, but it is not popular and is very rare in the catalogs of online stores.


Both are with alloy wheels, with the exception of a couple of models.


Foldable bikes are great for walking around town or commuting to work.

Hard trails are designed for cross-country driving.


The Mercedes folding bike comes in 5 colors with different options.


At their discretion, the buyer can choose a folding city bike with rear and front suspension, or only with a suspension fork.


Base trim is big with a 21-speed drivetrain. On request, 24 or 27 speeds can be installed on any model. True, you will have to pay extra for such an option.


Such a great one is suitable for riders weighing up to 120 kg and with a height of 150 to 185 cm. The wheels are made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. The model weighs 15.7 kg.


It is believed that this is a good enough indicator for such a bike.


The Mercedes hardtrail bike comes in three colors: white, gray and black. It is the same as folding, with alloy wheels.


The transmission is 21-speed or 24-speed. For the second, you will have to pay another 1900 rubles. Disc brakes, fork with 100 mm travel.


This model is equipped with universal tires, thanks to which you can ride equally comfortably on the crossroads and in the city.


The kit includes a bottle cage, fenders, pump and other essential bike accessories.