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History of BH Bikes

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BH bicycles are professional bikes from a renowned Spanish manufacturer.


The BH brand was founded in 1909 as a gun manufacturer. The company began production of bicycles in 1919.


The BH Bikes brand brings together the hard work of engineers and testers to develop lightweight and agile bikes.


It was on the BH bike that the first Vuelta in Spain was won in 1935.


At the 2009 Tour de France, the athletes won nine yellow jerseys, adding to the brand's many achievements.


BH Bikes has been on the market for over 100 years, setting the standard for bicycles.


The range includes mountain, road, classic bicycles and e-bikes.


The manufacturer has developed a top-end line of bikes that stand out from the competition for their lightness, rigidity and ergonomics.


It was BH Bikes who pioneered the production of lightweight carbon monocoque frames, weighing less than 800g.


To maintain its leadership position, the company is constantly innovating.


The manufacturer patented the Downtube cable retention system inside the frame, released one of the toughest derailleur mounts in the world, and began using a carbon tapered fork in combination with Enve composites.