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Rock Machine Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Rock Machine Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Rock Machine Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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Rock Machine RM-E01 Service Manual PDF
Rock Machine RM-E01 Service Manual PDF
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Rock Machine Storm

History of Rock Machine Bicycles

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The Rock Machine bicycle brand appeared in the Czech Republic in the 90s of the last century - thus, its history goes back less than three decades.


However, it is not the number of years that is important, but the number of merits, with this the company is all right: thanks to a well-thought-out price and quality policy, its products almost immediately won the respect and love of bikers both at home and abroad, and fueled interest in the Rock Machine brand has its own - and quite successful in international competitions - mountain biking team.


Today, Rock Machine is headquartered in the United States with production sites in Taiwan and the Czech Republic.


Bicycles of this brand are available for purchase almost anywhere in the world.


The Rock Machine catalog today contains models of all different purposes; the company begins to win over its consumer literally from a young age - that is, from the "first baby bike".

The minimum age for a Rock Machine fan is two years or more. In the children's segment, the bikes of the Teen's & Kids series are of the greatest interest, the peculiarity of which is that they outwardly copy the adult models of the same manufacturer.


The XC Fun cross-country line also has its own "feature": these bicycles are recognizable due to the peculiar gemetry of the frame, because of the curved shape it is called "shark's back".


The manufacturer has taken care not only of children, but also of women: the special WXC line, in addition to its technical advantages, is very attractive in terms of design, also these bikes have a traditional "ladies" low frame and anatomically thought-out saddle.


For extreme bikers, the company has developed the Core series - these bicycles, thanks to their reinforced construction, withstand aggressive city riding or ski jumping.


As for ordinary city skiing, the City Ride line is at the service of its fans, the representatives of which are perfect for comfortable, "walking" movement on asphalt and concrete.


The XC Performance series cannot be ignored either: the "anatomy" of these bikes is closest to the professional level, they are very user-friendly, due to the high strength and reliability of the mechanical assemblies, the bike literally takes on a lot, without requiring extra energy from the rider.