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'15 Jamis Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'15 Jamis Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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Jamis Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
Jamis Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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History of Jamis Bicycles

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The history of the Jamis bicycle company begins in 1937. Then Jamis was the usual distributor of bicycles that came to the American market from Europe.


Following the example of most companies, the management of Jamis decided to launch its own production.


The first Jamis bicycle model appeared in 1979 and was designed for long journeys and travel. The name spoke for itself - Earth Cruiser.


The bike had a beautiful design and a comfortable ride. This bike marked the beginning of a whole line of bicycles from Jamis.


A year later, in 1980, the Boss Cruiser bike rolled off the assembly line. The main difference was the redesigned frame geometry, saddle, and a special flask with which you could drink on the go.


In 1981, the Explorer model was created on the basis of the Boss Cruiser, which was the prototype of mountain bikes.


Since 1983, the production of lines such as Dakota, Lightfoot and others began. They featured full suspension and disc brakes.

These bikes are common now, but back then they were outstanding models.


The year 1988 in the history of Jamis was marked by the appearance of two models for road racing.


Throughout its history, Jamis bicycles have won awards at various competitions. In 1998, the Diablo was the bike of the year, and in 2000, the Dakar Sport was the best bike in the under $ 800 price bracket.


And these are just a few examples. In general, we can say that the brand's products are respected by major bicycle publications.


Today the company has not slowed down and continues to delight customers.


The brand is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. New models are developed and tested there.


The countries of origin of most of the models are China and Taiwan. Do not be intimidated by this, since almost all large bicycle companies have moved their production to Asian countries.


The company also boasts a professional Silber cycling team. This team shows good success in road racing.


Several notable cross-country and enduro riders have contracts with the brand.