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'09 Norco Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
'09 Norco Bicycles Owner's Manual PDF
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'21 Norco Bicycles User Manual PDF
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History of Norco Bicycles

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The NORCO bicycle company was born in 1964. This means that she has found a period of rapid development of the cycling industry and a bicycle boom in the neighboring country - the United States.


Today the company successfully competes in the bicycle market and can safely call itself a giant in its industry.


Like many other companies of the period, Norco started out in a regular garage.


Bert Llisa should be grateful for this. From the very beginning, he strove to bring production closer to the customer base.


Thus, it was possible to learn about all the shortcomings of the original models and correct them almost immediately in subsequent products.


The company's slogan is a combination of quality and innovative solutions.


The Norco company has never been against any innovations and original solutions to problems.

That is why the company has become so successful for more than 40 years. The main merit in this is not the head of the company, but the entire staff as a whole.


Today, every bike brand strives to make its products unique. Someone plays with design, coloring, and someone with modern technology. Norco strives to excel at everything.


The design of the bikes is recognizable to the naked eye: this graceful down tube has persuaded more than one thousand people to buy bicycles.


Every bumper manufacturer tries to make the rear suspension as efficient as possible. So, at Norco this is achieved through the ART technology. It aims to reduce the harmful effects of braking and pedaling on the suspension, so that it only responds to external irregularities.


For modern bikes, routing the cables inside the frame is an integral part of success. It should not interfere with the rider's handling. And even more so it allows you to more effectively use the empty space inside the frame.


A big person needs a big frame. Many Norco bike models are famous for their large frame sizes.


Some models are manufactured with thicker tubes for added strength and comfort when a large rider is sitting behind the wheel. And, oddly enough, this technology does not greatly affect the weight.