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E-bike Malfunction Symptoms

Symptom Cause Solution
The electric bike does not ride, although the switch is in the "ON" position, the battery charge level indicator is on, and the throttle is rotated.

1. Defective batteries.

2. The On button does not work. On / off. electronics.

3. Blown fuse.

4. The throttle stick does not respond.

5. Incorrectly positioned brakes.

6. The controller is faulty or incorrectly connected.

7. The integrity of the wires is broken.

8. The problem is in the engine.

1. Replace the batteries.

2. Replace the element containing the power button.

3. Replace the fuse with a new one with the same specification.

4. Replace the throttle grip.

5. Check the correct position of the brakes.

6. Check the controller connection and repair it if necessary.

7. Correct the wiring.

8. Inspect the motor connection and repair it.

An e-bike cannot move as far as it once did.

1. Weak battery.

2. Low tire pressure.

3. Friction of brake pads.

4. Bearing wear.

5. Problems in the engine - motor-wheel.

1. Replace batteries.

2. Inflate the tires to the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall.

3. Release the brakes.

4. Replace bearings.

5. Open and inspect the wheel motor.

The motor-wheel of an e-bike runs for a while and then stops (wedges), or it spins slowly and stops when acceleration is required.

1. Low voltage.

2. Short circuit of phase wires.

3. The output transistor in the controller is out of order.

1. Replace the batteries.

2. Repair of the motor-wheel / controller wired system.

3. Controller repair, transistor replacement.

Symptom Cause Solution
The motor-wheel of an electric bike works for a certain period of time, then stops abruptly and after 20-30 minutes it continues to work again.

1. Overheating of the wheel motor.

2. Overheating from low tire pressure.

3. Overheating from friction of the brakes.

4. Faulty controller or temperature sensor.

1. Cool down or reduce engine load.

2. Inflate the tires to the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall.

3. Adjust the brakes.

4. Replace or repair the controller.

An e-bike does not travel as fast when the motor is on.

1. Weak battery.

2. Low tire pressure.

3. Brake friction.

4. Bearing wear.

5. Problems with the electric motor.

1. Replace batteries.

2. Inflate the tires to the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall.

3. Release the brakes.

4. Replace bearings.

5. Repair the electric motor.

The motor-wheel emits a "rumbling" sound, uncharacteristic for normal operation.

1. The rear wheel sprocket is not centered on the axle.

2. The rear wheel sprockets are not aligned.

Make sure the stars are in the correct position.

The e-bike emits a "squeaking" sound while driving.

1. Spokes are loose.

2. Requires brake adjustment.

3. Wheel bearings squeak.

1. Adjust the spoke tension.

2. Adjust the brakes.

3. Replace bearings.

The bike does not move when the throttle is turned.

1. Throttle stick problems.

2. Faults in the electronics (controller).

3. One of the Hall sensors of the motor-wheel has burnt out.

4. There are other malfunctions in the engine.

Check if the wire has come off the throttle; repair controller / wheel motor.

Symptom Cause Solution
When the throttle stick is pressed, impulses are transmitted to the wheel motor, but after a slight jerk, it stops immediately.

1. Somewhere contacts leave.

2. Low battery voltage (battery discharged).

3. Some of the battery cells give a drawdown.

1. Check all wire connections, contacts.

2. Charge the batteries.

3. Check the battery voltage with a voltmeter, replace the faulty battery.

The vehicle's electrical components give off an unpleasant burning smell.

Blown controller.

Replace controller / motor

The electric bike starts moving as soon as the power is turned on, although there are no pulses from the throttle stick.

The throttle handle is broken.

Determine the cause of the breakdown of the throttle grip and repair it, or install a new one on the electric bike.

The battery gets very hot after a short trip or during the charging process. The battery quickly gets power from the mains or, on the contrary, takes too long to charge.

Weak battery.

Battery Replacement.

The battery charge indicator does not light up.

Battery problems.

Check the batteries.

When connected to a charger, the red and green indicator lights up at the same time.

The charger is not connected correctly.

Check the charger connection.

The e-bike moves only at very low speeds or only in some positions of the throttle.

1. Low battery power.

2. Inadequate controller operation.

3. Problems in the throttle stick.

1. Charging the batteries.

2. Checking the controller.

3. Elimination of defects of the throttle handle. Pre-check the throttle handle with a voltmeter - the voltage on the signal drive should change from 1 to 4.2V when smoothly changing its position.

Symptom Cause Solution
The lithium battery is disconnected after a short period of time under increased load in hot weather. Temperature sensor malfunction. Replacing the temperature sensor.
Lack of power at the battery connector. The battery is discharged, the fuse is blown, or the ignition switch is broken.

1. Charge the battery.

2. Replace the fuse.

3. Repair the power activation button / lock.

Lack of power on the lithium battery connector after short circuit, polarity reversal, overheating, overload. The BMS protection has been activated.

The battery is turned on after connecting the charger or untwisting the pedals in the raised position of the motor-wheel.

The motor-wheel works with jerks and produces unusual noise for normal operation. One of the Hall sensors broken out.

Replace the Hall sensors in the electric motor.